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The Mark of Wu - Book One: Hidden Paths.
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The Mark of Wu
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Hidden Paths

“Set against a fast-moving story filled with excitement, Gray skillfully portrays the necessity of good leadership as the key ingredient for victory over both human nature and the enemy.  This book delights both the mind and emotions.”

– Jeffrey F. Addicott,  Lt. Colonel (U.S. Army, ret.), Professor of Law & Director, Center for Terrorism Law, St. Mary’s University School of Law

“History buffs, military devotees, and thrill seekers will find this an enjoyable roller-coaster ride.”


About the Author

Stephen M. Gray’s fascination with China began at a young age and came alive while traveling to Asia early in his professional life. His research of Sun Tzu for application in today’s business world led to his first book and series of novels. >>READ MORE