Ancient China

Welcome to a journey through time – back to ancient China and the Spring and Autumn Period. It’s an era full of chaos, intrigue and cultural differences among the people who lived it. I’m hooked and hope you will be, too!
Scholars are imprecise in defining the span of years for this age of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, but academe generally assigns the date range from between the mid-700s B.C to around 470 B.C. That time in China’s history first captivated me as I researched Sun Tzu and his Art of War. My interest grew to the point that I had to write about it, and that’s how The Mark of Wu series was born. The story opens in 519 B.C. and chronicles the conflict between the States of Wu and Chu, along with the people who made that time memorable. Some of the men will be unknown to a Western audience, but Sun Wu, who is currently slated to enter the story in the third book of this five part series, is known to all as Sun Tzu, the famed military genius whose teachings has transcended time.
You are invited to join me as I explore details about ancient China on this blog. I hope you’ll comment here about your own interests in Chinese history – why the Spring and Autumn Period devolved into the Warring States Period, chariot warfare, ancient weaponry, Sun Tzu (both the man and the myths), and, of course, the culture of that era and all other period specific topics of interest to you. I’m sure we’ll find plenty to talk about.

Before we get started, though, Frank E. Smiitha sets the stage for the early period, providing a cursory sketch of the 700s B.C., which is hundreds of years before The Mark of Wu opens. See

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