Maps and Diagrams

Map of China – Spring and Autumn Period

Spring and Autumn Period

Map of China during the Spring and Autumn Period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.

Battle of Chi-fu Diagrams

Picture of Chu's and Wu's positions prior to Wu's attack

Chu’s (red) and Wu’s (blue) initial positions are shown on the above diagram.  Chu’s subordinate States make up its front line.  Wu’s convicts are stationed on the hillside.  Chu is unaware of Wu’s forces that are hidden behind the hill.

Picture of Wu's attack

Prince Kuang sends Wu’s convicts to attack Chu at the positions held by the States of Hu, Shen and Chen.

Picture of Chu's pursuit

Wu’s convicts flee from the initial attack, and the States of Hu, Shen and Chen pursue.

Picture of Wu's forces driving the remnants of Hu, Shen and Chen

Prince Kuang drives the remnants of Hu’s, Shen’s and Chen’s forces into the line maintained by the soldiers of the States of Sui, T’ang and Ts’ai.

Picture of Wu's trap

Prince Kuang sends Wu’s forces that are hidden behind the hills into the battle, sweeping around the edges to engulf Hu’s, Shen’s and Chen’s soldiers.  Kuang completes the trap by attacking the center of the fray with the Wu forces that are on the hill.