About the Author

Stephen M. Gray’s career spans over 27 years as an attorney in the corporate world, representing clients’ interests on four continents.  He’s a frequent speaker to construction and energy industry audiences, has written on topics germane to those business sectors and often presents on ethics, contract, risk allocation and litigation topics. 

Gray’s travels to China fueled a thirst to learn about its history.  His extensive research into the teaching of Sun Tzu, for application in today’s business world, directed him to 6th Century B.C. China.  There, Gray discovered gems of folklore about abuse of power and privilege, altering the lives of victims, and the noble effort of a few brave individuals to overcome the destruction.

He has molded them into The Mark of Wu series, providing a rich depiction of regional customs, differences among the mosaic peoples of the area, and life in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty as the Spring and Autumn Period devolved into the Warring States.  Period specific detail permeates Hidden Paths, Gray’s first novel in the five-part series of this action packed thriller.